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"Beyond 2000" Property Protection Alarms

Property Alarm SystemBeyond 2000 Alarms is an Australian owned and operated company with over 21 years experience in the security industry.

There are a variety of security alarms available to our customers. From property alarms featuring motion detection and entry activation through to vechile alarms with tracking devices and immobilisation.

As a member of A.S.I.A.L. (Australian Security Industry Association Ltd) Beyond 2000 Alarms provide equipment that conforms with all insurance company requirements and the Noise Pollution Control Act.

Home Security Alarm

All employees of
Beyond 2000 Alarms
are licenced by the
NSW Police Department.

Digital Detection

Keypad Alarm10See the Spectra digital difference for yourself with our true digital motion detectors. Spectra digital detectors are the only truly 100% digital motion detectors in the industry. Spectra motion detectors, operate entirely in the digital domain for unmatched accuracy. Motion Detectors

Our exclusive easy to use Perimeter 2000 Sensor will detect the smashing of a window, door, ceiling, floor & wall within a 10-15 metre radius from the sensor. The sensor centrally located on the ceiling will cover the perimeter of the average home or business. The Perimeter 2000 Sensor offers 2 major benefits: -it "Detects Burglars BEFORE they get in & "PROTECTS YOU while you're at home", allowing you to move around inside while the Perimeter is proected. It also allows you to have your pets inside.

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Smoke Alarm Supervision

Smoke DetectorSpectra can be programmed to call the fire department automatically when it identifies signals from smoke detectors connected directly to your security system.

This direct connection means no more batteries to worry about and 24hr supervision even when your system is not armed. Spectra is on duty even when you're far from home!

10 Good Reasons Why Monitoring
Can Benefit You and Your Family...

1. Burglary Code - Reports alarm has been activated and identifies what zone e.g. lounge room, bedroom, family room, window, door, etc. Persons you have nominated will be phoned in the order of your priority to attend to secure premises, e.g. yourself at work, or mobile phone, direct family, friends, neighbours, relations, police, etc. This feature is not designed to catch would-be thieves. From our experience over the past 26 years we have found that when sirens are activated thieves have one thing in mind... to escape the area so they are not seen, identified or caught.

2. Duress Codes - Reports Duress Code when the EMERGENCY button is pressed and police are notified immediately

3. Medical Code - Reports when MEDICAL button is pressed. Control room will phone persons nominated by client, e.g. doctor, nurse, neighbour, relative, carer etc.

4. Fire Code - Reports Fire Code when FIRE button is pressed or if Smoke Detectors and Heat Sensors are activated.

5. Entry Under Duress Code - If someone forces you to turn off the alarm, enter a secret code which turns off your system but sends a silent Duress Code to base. Police are notified immediately.

6. Low Battery Code - Reports when back up battery has dropped voltage or will not re-charge. Manufacturer recommends backup battery be replaced every three years.

7. AC Power Fail - Reports if the system is removed from power point or if the electricity is turned off at the metre box or if fuses are removed. Without power the backup battery cannot re-charge. Also protects contents of refrigerator and freezer.

8. Automatic Test Code - Auto tests phone line and system check daily.

9. Tamper Code - Reports if outside Siren Cover is tampered with or any of the cables are cut.

10. Timer Loss - Reports if total power is lost to the system and internal clock needs to be re-set.

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