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Security Tips - Deter Burglars

Making Theft Harder

  • Don't invite unknown people inside.
  • Lock doors and windows.
  • Install Deadlocks on external doors.
  • Change locks when you move.
  • Never give keys to workmen, gardeners or cleaners.
  • Don't attach address or personal ID to keys.
  • Install keyed window locks.
  • Install locks on garages and sheds.
  • Put belongings and tools away.
  • Provide ample exterior lighting as a deterrent

In Case Of Theft

  • Keep valuable items in personal vault or with your bank.
  • Engrave appliances with drivers licence number.
  • Be sure any phone number labels are legible.
  • Photograph artworks and antiques.
  • Note the serial number of all items.


When You're Away

  • Leave exterior lights on.
  • Ask a reliable person to check house at irregularly intervals.
  • Leave curtains and fittings in normal positions.
  • Have mail/parcels delivered elsewhere or regularly collected.
  • Cancel regular deliveries that will not be collected. (eg. newspapers, milk)
  • Shut and lock all doors and windows, including garage and sheds.
  • Have mail/parcels delivered elsewhere or regularly collected.
  • Advise security patrols and police if away for extended periods.


For more security tips and useful hints to use around your home or workplace, please visit the Locksmiths Guild of Australia. There is also a online video about home security.

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